Monday, January 18, 2010

Explore uganda-tourist services

In addition to community services, Uganda SPACE also offers tourist services to the visitors of uganda.
Our staff helps you to discover Uganda at your own pace. You will find a wide range of suggested itineraries of tour and trekking to help you to Plan your tour and trekking in Uganda. We will provide you the best options.You can take an advantage of our experiences to travel & trekking in Uganda with highest quality personalized services at a minimum cost.

We provide customize services. Make your own itinerary for your tour & trekking. Just you tell us where you want experience inUganda and what is your interest are – we will work it out uganda special for you.

We offer services in tourist destination to attractive places like artistic temples, monuments, museums, zoos, lakes and rivers.

Our aim is to see that the income of tourism filter down to the village and artisan level, where people are living without modern facilities, through our hiking and trekking program. We belive that the money got from these programs will be used to empower women economically and sponsor children and orphans to various schools.


  1. Contact us at
    Uganda SPACE tourist services
    P.O. Box : 8438
    Phone/ : +256773-423060

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