Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Uganda SPACE Leadership

Uganda SPACE is a primarily volunteer led organization with three full-time paid staff members and a paid office clerk. Project volunteers receive small allowances for transportation, food, lodging and communications for field visits.

Mr. Kayemba Robert, Chairman
Kayemba is a co-founder and the Executive Director of Uganda SPACE Organization. He is a volunteer to the organization. He previously served as the Director of Community Services for a local community non-profit organization, providing oversight of projects and case management services carried out in the community. Kayemba left his village and went to Kawempe, Kampala where he founded a group for impoverished women and children, which supports education of impoverished children and employment opportunities for impoverished women in the slums areas of Kampala City. Kayemba returned to the rural communities of Masaka district with a commitment to engage in community-driven recovery efforts that address issues impacting women and children, particularly those in impoverished rural communities. From 2001-2005, Kayemba served as a project coordinator of economic empowerment programs for the Kabonera Women’s Group. He received a higher diploma in Mechanical Engineering from Kyambogo University in 1995 and a certificate in Project Planning and Management from Makerere University in 2001. Kayemba was raised in a rural village in Masaka, but now lives in Kampala. He is married a and father of four.

Ms. Nagawa Brenda, Vice Chairwoman
Nagawa is a co-founder and Director of Women on staff with Uganda SPACE Organization. She is from Kyamuyimbwa village in the Kabonera sub-country. She is a co-founder of the Tweyambe collective, a self-help group for rural women in her village, which is the foundation of the Uganda SPACE member community. Nagawa has been instrumental in the design and initiation of the Poultry Microfinance Project. She brought in an agricultural team from the district to teach the rural women about modern poultry farming. SPACE staff remain very grateful to her, knowing that without her help it would have been impossible for them to do their work in rural communities of Masaka. Thanks to her effort, 30 members joined the group. She received a primary teaching certificate from Kabukunge Teachers Training College and has an experience managing poultry projects. Nagawa has personally benefitted from her association with Uganda SPACE in that the members were a great support in helping her rebuild her life when her husband passed away. “I feel great pride and a sense of responsibility towards this organization.”

Ms. Nakimbugwe Maria, Treasurer
Nakibugwe is a co-founder on staff Director of Educational Programs and Finance Secretary for Uganda SPACE. She was previously the head teacher of Kyamuyimbwa Primary School in the rural community. She brings more than 20 years of experience educating children and mothers from impoverished families. During her tenure as a headteacher, she gained an appreciation of the hardships a rural woman goes through in educating their children. She feels that educating girls will do much in raising the standards of living in rural communities. She holds a diploma in Secondary Education and a certificate in School Management from Kyambogo University. She is married with four children.

Ms. Nalubega Teddy, Project Coordinator
Nalubega is a volunteer Project Coordinator to the organization. Prior to this, she was the Assistant Project Coordinator of Tweyambe Women’s Group. She has a certificate in Project Planning and Management from Makerere University, and is pursuing a secondary education degree at Makerere University. Her responsibilities include new project development, recruiting project partners and donors from Uganda and internationally. Nalubega is on the teams responsible for developing the Poultry Microfinance Project and the pilot Solar Lighting Microfinance Project. She recruited project volunteer, Genice Jacobs from the United States into our organization.

Mr. Wangi Godfrey Mario, Project Supervisor
Wangi is a volunteer to the organization. He holds a degree in Agriculture and Animal Husbandry from Makerere University and has three years experience managing rural farms. Wangi works with the rural women running the poultry project and delivers progress reports to the project coordinator and committee.

Mr. Kasinja Tonny, Volunteer Coordinator
Kasinja has been working as Uganda SPACE’s Volunteer Coordinator for the past two years and is a volunteer himself. He is the coordinator of the Solar Microfinance Project and an Advisor to the Poultry Microfinance Project. Kasinja holds a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Engineering and previously worked with various rural farms to provide alternatives to hydroelectricity. He is a published author of physics textbooks and co-owns a family automotive repair business in Ndeeba, Kampala city. His responsibilities include recruiting students from Makerere University agricultural program to work on the Poultry Microfinance Project and training local and international volunteers. Kasinja is collaborating with Genice Jacobs and Professor Toby Cumberbatch of the Cooper Union in developing the Solar Lighting Microfinance Project.

Ms. Nakilyowa Evelyn, Secretary
Nakilyowa is on staff with the organization. She holds a diploma in secretarial studies from Buganda Royal Institute and is a student at Muteesal University studying for a degree in Project Planning. She previously worked as a community organizer for women in Kampala. She has been mobilizing women to participate in economic empowerment, health education and gender equality projects. Nakilyowa has worked as a village local council secretary for the past 10 years and brings strong technical and communication skills to the organization. Nakilyowa is married with three children.

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